Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beach Cooler Premiere

I'm little late on this one, but the long anticipated Beach Cooler skateboarding video premiered last Friday at NJ Skateshop II in New Brunswick, and it was well-received.
The DVD came with a complimentary Beach Cooler koozie and sold faster than any Nike quick-strike.
This is where it went down, NJ Skateshop II in New Brunswick.
The screen onto which the 37 minute product of four years of gnar and weeks of insomnia was projected.
A sea of skateboarders surged through the shops open door and flooded its floors.

Beach Cooler Premiere Continued

There was hardly any room to stand,
but plenty of room to drink your beer.
Even the friends who couldn't make it showed some love,
and Billy would like to show them some love of his own.
After the premiere, the masses stumbled down to the Ale n' Wich Pub,
where we were welcomed with cold beer, whiskey, and a warm place to drink it in.
John's response to the bartender's foolish question, "How many glasses will you need?"
Neil laughs in the face of these bodily toxins.
Worst Human and Joe stoking out.

Beach Cooler Premiere Continued Again

The reactions of Mike and Lawrence as they watched the skateboarding that went on in the bar's patio.
The Aftermath.

Thank you to everyone that came out and made a night that no one will remember an everlasting memory.