Friday, August 16, 2013

San Francisco 2013

These photos are from a trip that Lawrence, Casey, Mike, and Billy and I took to San Franciso last year in July. Hard to believe that these photos are from that long ago. More to come later.
Casey exalts the skate gods: "I praise you. You have forsaken me." 
Casey Shaw in Blurry Front Nose
Casey Shaw riding the concrete waves in Chinatown. 
Lawrence's mom called 10 times while he waited for his breakfast sandwich. Mike missed his mom. 
Lawrence heads towards the Forbidden City.
The only thing Lawrence is looking to take home tonight after this wall ride, young lady, is a buzz.
Mike adjusts light beams for peak motion picture quality while Billy prepares to freeze them in time.
A rose among the thorns. Now move.
The view looking off the bridge.

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